TRADING RULERepresentations based on the Act
on Specified Commercial Transactions

Sales Agent Homura Heavy Industries Corporation
Address 57-9 Anaguchi, Takizawa, Iwate,
020-0633 JAPAN.
Contact us info (at)
Telephone number +81-19-618-3408
Reception Hours:Weekdays 9:00~18:00
(Do not contact us for marketing purposes)
Web Site https//
Products Sold Online or by Mail Order
and Their Prices
For products sold online or by mail order and their prices, please view the Product List page.
Explanation of Fees
Other Than Product Prices
Unless otherwise indicated, prices are displayed with consumption tax not included.
Restrictions on Sale Quantities,
Sale Conditions, etc.
Some products are subject to restrictions on sale quantities.
Even if no restrictions on sale quantities are listed,
purchases may in some cases be limited due to the conditions of your order or shipping conditions.
Delivery date Please allow 3–10 days after you place your order for your products to arrive.
Payment Method Please pay by bank transfer.
Payment Deadline Please pay within 7 days of issue of our invoice (special handling is available in some cases).
If payment is not received within 7 days your order will be cancelled.
After we have confirmed receipt of payment, your order will be confirmed and your products shipped.
Please notify us if the name of the remitter is different from the person who placed the order.
Deadline for Returns and Shipping Fees HMRC takes care to make doubly sure that its products are of the highest quality. In the event that a product shipped to you from HMRC causes trouble or malfunctions, or is different from the product you ordered, HMRC will exchange the product or refund your money.
Returns for the convenience of the customer are not accepted.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to consult with HMRC. If you wish to exchange your product or obtain a refund, please be sure to send us an e-mail in advance explaining the reason for the request, including a description of the problem.
If you return a product for your own convenience, the shipping fees are at your own expense. If you send the product COD, HMRC will invoice you for the shipping fees. Thank you for your understanding.