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MarineDrone includes a mini boat attached with an outboard motor, and a original controller.
Linux is used as the user area, and can customize the behavior.

MarineDrone [PDF]

Feeding operation

Cruising a fixed area, such as in a large fish farm can feeding automatically.

Countermeasure against injurious bird.

Can cruise on the water for a long time and threat sound to prevent the birds from staying.


By GPS positioning, a made it possible to operate safely at night. By installing a night vision camera, clear images can be sent to remote areas even at night, and users can switch from automatic operation to remote operation arbitrarily.


This system is employs a "series hybrid" which contains an electric outboard motor and power generator. Allows for automatic movement based on GPS positioning and route data information.

Navigation performance

Able to move forward and backwards, as well as turn left and right as basic movement functions.
Also, an automatic anchor machine is provided and you can cast anchor at any places.


Internal combustion engine is used as the power source, a running time of maximum 120 hours, it is possible to a maximum payload is 150kg.
For example, it can have various extended functions such as sensors and cameras for water quality and environmental survey, and gathering seawater and freshwater samples at any places.


Length / Width
2,500 [mm] / 1,270 [mm]
4 [kt] / 7.4 [km/h]
150 [kg]
Dual outboard motor 12 [V] / 500 [W]
1 [kW]
Ship light
Bulbous bwo warning light, Stern light, Anchor light (White)
Starboard light (Green)
Port light (Red)
General light
Head lamp (White)


Our unique technology by living group to control the behavior of various aquatic organism including fish school and to guide and fix to arbitrary position. This technology was developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications adopting Fiscal Year 2015 innoVation.

For details, please see Homura Heavy Industries Technical Report.
Homura Heavy Industries Technical Report Vol.1 2017
Homura Heavy Industries Technical Report Vol.2 2018

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