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Industrial CPU board
supports Raspberry Pi
Compute Module

Highly reliable, environment-resistant industrial CPU board
supports HMRC's robot technologies.

Highly reliable and environment resistant Industrial CPU Board that supports our robot technologies.

This highly reliable single-board computer supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+. Equipped with a variety of input and output ports, it can be further developed with the addition of an expansion board. Expansion features can be enabled using a dedicated stacking board, enabling customization to suit on-site needs. This solution can contribute to lowering costs.

CPUA2000C multi-purpose CPU board

CPUA2000C multi-purpose CPU board

Expansion boards responding to a wide variety of needs

  • CPU2001C
    expansion Ethernet board

    CPU2001C expansion Ethernet board
  • CPUA20004B
    expansion camera board

    CPUA20004B expansion camera board
  • CPUA20005A
    expansion insulated I/O board

    CPUA20005A expansion insulated I/O board
  • ・Supports DC 10 to 60 V wide-range voltage, I/O to support a wide variety of environments.
  • ・Incorporates a 2-port camera dedicated CSI connector for use with FA applications and monitoring systems.
  • ・Equipped with a 9-axis gyroscope, temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors, ideal for robot and mobility products.

Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Biogroup Control

  1. STEP 01

    Please feel free to contact us by telephone or through our contact page.

  2. STEP 02

    We clarify your wishes and objectives to consider the necessary specifications.

  3. STEP 03

    When you are sure that you are satisfied with the price and delivery conditions, we conclude the sale contract.

  4. STEP 04

    Please specify the delivery place.

  5. STEP 05

    After delivery, you can depend on us for operational support.

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  • Brochure of general-purpose CPU boards

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