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Biogroup Control

The world's only remote, contactless, non-invasive fish guidance system

Biogroup Control uses the contactless system to control the direction in which schools of fish swim, achieving automation and raising the efficiency of fish-cultivation processes.

By flipping a single switch outside the holding pond, aquaculture operators can gather or divide schools of fish. This solution helps avoid dangerous underwater work areas while automating and raising the efficiency of sorting and catching fish. This solution avoids underwater and other dangerous work while automating and raising the efficiency of sorting and catching fish.

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  • Guiding fresh-water cultivated fish (tilapia)

  • Guiding salt-water fish (red sea bream)

  • ・ This technology can guide fish in a contactless non-invasive manner.
  • ・Schools of fish can be guided to a desired position underwater and stopped there. The technology achieves guidance individualized for each nursery.
  • ・Fish can be guided and sorted according to size.

Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Biogroup Control

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    We clarify your wishes and objectives to consider the necessary specifications.

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    When you are sure that you are satisfied with the price and delivery conditions, we conclude the sale contract.

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