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Field Robot and system planning, drafting, development, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, lease, entrusted development, import, export and consulting


We support product development at the stage from trial production to mass production, and will respond consistently to specification determination, system design, development, manufacturing and maintenance work.
In addition, we can consult about repair / maintenance of computer and machine of antique.

Development Results

Development of in-vehicle equipment
Development of autonomous mobile equipment
Development of Drone
Smart pH Meter (Network compatible pH measurement system)
WeatherStick (Network compatible environment measurement system)
Various mechanical design
Various circuit and board design(Analog, Digital)
Image processing system
Inspection system for mass production
MS-DOS, Win16/32/64
*BSD/Linux, Solaris, HP-UX
Assembler, C, VB/VC/C#, Excel VBA
Network / server, communication equipment construction.
Repair of old type Computer. (NEC PC-88, PC-98), Media conversion / reading
Repair of machinery, equipment etc, Painting and plating.
Maintenance of Antique car, motor, engine.
Making Promotional Video

Business flow

  • 1.Meeting

    Please inquire from telephone, inquiry form.
    TEL : +81-19-618-3408 inquiry form
  • 2.Non-disclosure agreement

    After having concluded the NDA, be have open the requirement specification etc.
  • 3.Development consideration

    Based on the required specifications, careful consideration will be given as to the best proposal can be make.
  • 4.Quotation

    We will present the development schedule and the total cost.
  • 5.Contract

    Satisfied with the contents of the presentation, it will be a contract.

Contract example

Drone for research and development

It is a development kit system that makes it easy to develop on drone and desk with specifications according to application / request. Add optional, detailed customization such as payload specification is possible. Source code is attached and users can compile freely.

Robotization of industrial machinery

We will support autonomous mobile robotization of existing industrial machinery. Remote operation / autonomous mobile of various industrial machines such as large-scale combine, haulage vehicle etc.

Antique car maintenance, machine repair

For safe use, regularly maintenance is necessary. From antique car to industrial machinery such as agriculture, we will receive maintenance widely.

Smart pH Meter (Network compatible pH measurement system)

This system continuously monitors and records the concentration of disinfectant solution used in HACCP meat processing factory.
It has built-in file server compatible with TCP / IP, and can directly refer to graphs and CSV data.

WeatherStick (Network compatible environment measurement system)

It is a system that constantly monitors and records the temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, gas. A single cable can connect up to 1.2 km at maximum and up to 32 unit. Connect to the PC,Graph, CSV data can be referred to directly. It can also be operated standalone by NTSC Monitor.


It is a system that can connect up to 16 cameras, and can synthesize moving images, tracking moving subjects and recording in real time. We have experience in observing physical phenomena, observing living bodies, analyzing autonomous mobile robots.

Motor inspection system

It is a system that quality inspection targeting a single motor and a control board. It can economisation for quality control by individually recording the results of LCR inspection of the motor, rotation inspection, and coupling test with the motor driver.

Various consulting

Transition from PoC (Proof of Concept) and research stage to commercialization, proposal for solutions to difficult problems unexpectedly faced during development, There is a proven track record in support of imminent development for delivery, support for maintenance / recall after shipment, and so on. Particular field and difficulty level, Depending on your budget, experienced senior engineers to young engineers will be respond flexibly.


  • Wired / wireless LAN wiring work at farm.
  • Repair / maintenance of welding machine / generator
  • Design and processing of switchboard
  • Circuit / board design · Prototype manufacture
  • Various consulting

Please feel free to contact us from inquiry form.

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